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Product Ranges

DE Clean & Dry

Natural Premium Diatomaceous Earth (DE)
. 100% dried milled, food grade diatomite rock.

  • Efficient absorption of moisture and odours in animal housing and bedding 
  • No chemicals 100% natural Diatomaceous Earth
  • Suitable for greenhouse and garden

Diature™ DE Feed Additive

DE Feed AdditivePremium amorphous food grade diatomaceous earth from plant derived diatomite rock, with unique properties DE-signed by nature to help reduce parasites without chemicals!

‘Organic’ approved feed additive for sheep, lambs, cattle, poultry, racing pigeons, alpacas, llamas, pigs, horses, caged birds, dogs, cats and some other domestic pets. Helps to maintain good hoof, skin and coat condition, sheep/alpaca fleece quality, weight gain and reduced worm burdens in ruminants (ADAS trialled). Improves dairy cow milk yield, poultry feathers, egg output and shell quality.

(UK and Ireland Exclusive Agent)

With FEMAS Conformity & Organic Certification available in 1kg, 5kg, 18kg


Diature™ Silica rich soil amendment available 1kg bag



Formulations to suit sheep, cattle, dairy or dry cow.

Organically certified mineral lick 12.5kg and 20kg


Allen Page - Quality Horse FeedsSmall Holder Range

Smallholder, Horse Feeds & Organic Co.Feeds

Fertilisers / Soil amendments

Fibrophos, Lime, Slag, Diature DE

Hay Straw and Fodder Beet

Can be ordered for local delivery

Bug a Tub

Bug-A-TubA unique natural nutritional solution helping to reduce the problems of lice, ticks and most other external and internal parasites predominantly in sheep, but also in cattle, deer, llamas, alpacas and horses.

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