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Diature™ Soil Conditioner results

Spring barley (11 weeks)
Spring barley (11 weeks) grown in soil with Diature™ @ 18kg /acre

In the areas treated with Diature there was a marked increase in uptake by the foliage of several elements analysed, at 11 weeks, notably calcium, but also nitrogen, sulphur, magnesium, manganese, boron, copper and zinc. This increase had also been noted at 8 weeks. Plants grown in the presence of Diature™ grew taller, and roots were longer (4&5)

The trial was repeated with a crop of forage maize. Increase in growth was noted again and by harvest time a marked increase in fresh and dry weights were found where Diature™ had been applied. Stems and roots were stronger, and active uptake of several elements was noted again, where DE was applied(6). Digestibility was also increased, measured as Dry matter % solubility. Plants often bore two good pods.

Increased growth of stems, leaves and pods, in forage maize grown with Diature™.

Improved root growth in forage maize (LHS image) grown ™with Diature™

Seed Germination: Growers have reported that Diature™ application has resulted in 1-2 day earlier germination in varieties of maize, carrots, swedes, pumpkins, marrows, aubergines and watercress

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