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Market Garden Potato Study

Whole planting area was rotavated with straw and sheep manure winter bedding before rowing.

Planting: Variety ‘Nadine’ 2nd Early seed potatoes in 25kg batches, with and without Diature™ soil conditioner.

  • Batch no 1 (LHS) 16 rows No Diature™ applied  potatoes earthed up once
  • Batch no 2 (RHS) 11 rows Diature™ applied @ 50gms per linear metre x15cm width at bottom of each row  before planting. Potatoes earthed up once.

Market Garden Potato Studies 2017

Market Garden Potato Studies 2017

Variety ‘Nadine’ 2nd early 2 x 25kg batches planted

Batch noSowing datePicking start dateNo of rowsYield total Kg
– DE27/03/1725/06/171692
+ DE21/04/1714/07/1711179

Although the Diature Batch were sown 24 days later than the control with no Diature™, inspection of roots on 17th June showed potatoes were at the same stage in both batches, but not ready for picking. N.B. Both picking dates are about 12-13 weeks after planting, but the 2nd batch was actually ready about 2 weeks before picking. Picking was delayed due to time to complete 1st batch pickings.

Potatoes had approximately the same growing time but a substantial increase (87%) in the total weight of the 2nd batch sown with Diature™was achieved.

N.B. No slug damage seen on Diature™ grown potatoes.

DIATURE™ Soil Conditioner – Market Garden Appraisal 2015 (Phil Turner Wright)

For the last 4 years high quality vegetables have been grown on part of a 13.5 acre holding in Dolybont nr Aberystwyth, which for several decades had been confined to Guernsey cattle, and more recently sheep and in 2015, pigs. DIATURE™ soil conditioner was introduced as an organic approved product which may aid crop quality. Monitoring began at greenhouse seed planting, transfer around the growing system, recording germination dates, flower and fruit set, crop quality, yields and start and completion picking dates. Each planting with DIATURE was mirrored with a control without DIATURE. The fertiliser used, was a 3 year matured home produced combination of layers of sheep and chicken waste, grass light foliage cuttings and weeds all produced on the farm.

Observations noted with DIATURE™ application :

  • Germination for almost all seed varieties was between 10% and 20% faster.
  • Plants had accelerated growth, flowered sooner with ‘fruit’ developing in advance and in greater numbers than without DIATURE™ with also e.g. larger beetroot and lettuces of the same varieties produced over the same timescale.
  • Harvesting of the vegetables could begin sooner in many cases.
  • Slug attack on the DIATURE™ grown rows of beetroot was minimal, while on rows without DIATURE™ slug attack was severe. This will be well worth exploring in more detail.

Download the Market Gardener Diature Appraisal. [636kb pdf]

Diature™ Exclusive Agency

IMERYS, world suppliers of performance minerals, grant NFF Ltd an exclusive agency to distribute Diature™ in UK and Ireland. NFF Ltd has commissioned further research trials into animal feed and soil conditioner benefits for Diature™, aimed at agricultural and horticultural markets.

New Product Launch at NSA WALES 2015

Rumenco Ltd., mineral and feed block manufacturers launched ‘CLEANSWEEP’ a mineral & vitamin tub with added hard shelled aquatic plant minerals(Diature™), formulated to support animal performance and complement effective parasite control programmes in cattle and sheep.

Poultry Diature™DE trials update

Use of diatomaceous earth as a dietary supplement in free range organic hens and its effects on parasite load, egg production and egg quality.

Increase in egg production was seen with the inclusion of Diature™ in the diet throughout the 5 week study. A reduction in parasites, Ascaridia galli and Heterakis gallinarum was seen over the 5 week period in the Diature™ intervention group. Levels were lower at week 5 than the control group. Whole egg weight and eggshell density were higher in week 1 for the Diature™ fed group, but similar to the controls by week 5. (Study was a KESS MSc studentship in collaboration with I.B.E.R.S.Aberystwyth University and NFF Ltd).

Rye Grass

Trial plots sown with and without Diature soil amendment will look at effect on mineral levels, nutritional status & performance of three of the most common ryegrass varieties grown in the UK. This is partially funded by an InnovateUK voucher award to NFF Ltd, with trial work done by I.B.E.R.S., Aberystwyth.

Other proposed studies will be under the supervision of the WISE team at IBERS looking in more detail at how Diature™DE acts on specific organisms which affect livestock.

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