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Physical & Chemical Properties

SEM of the particular base species supplied by Natural Feeds and Fertilisers Ltd (Cyclostephanos) for insect and parasite control

In spite of the immense variations in shape and size, each diatom species has two things in common, chemically the same silica shell and physically an intricate perforated structure..It is the myriad of interconnected pores and generally hard, irregular structure that is important to the functionality of this remarkable earth.

Although silica is a common feature in the Earth’s crust, very little is dissolved in the lakes and oceans. Diatomite represents a very rare occurrence– a mineral silica (amorphous silicon dioxide) worked by nature into a labyrinth of tiny holes. No other silica source that is mined or chemically prepared has such a structure. It is a work of art by Mother Nature, but the key to the exceptional properties of diatomite lies more in the microstructure– each diatom being peppered with thousands of holes, usually of three distinct sizes, ranging from a few microns down to sub microns. The number and sizes of the holes vary with the species and species predominance in diatomite deposits can affect its oil absorption and other physical properties, making some DE better than others at insect control. Diature™ and DETER have proven superior oil absorbancy properties and an exceptionally high surface area.

The key to high quality diatomaceous earth products is simply to ensure that the diatomite rock being mined is of sufficient purity and free from clays and other minerals.

NFF Ltd has ensured traceability and has achieved FEMAS conformity (a high safety standard) for supply of Diature™ Diatomaceous Earth for inclusion in animal feed, as well as organic certification as a feed additive and as a beneficial soil amendment. For insect control use DETER.

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