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DE Clean & Dry

Diatomaceous Earth Hygiene Powder

  • Dessicant     (310:1%water absorption)
  • Absorbent    (226:1% oil absorption)
  • Deodouriser  e.g. ammonia from animal urine

Livestock, Poultry & in housing

Effective absorption of moisture and odours in livestock & poultry housing, naturally without using harsh chemicals. Can help reduce foot scald in poultry by absorbing urine ammonia.  DE  CLEAN & DRY should be dusted within poultry sheds, especially on floors, using 100 g per 3 square metres, also under nest box rims and into all crevices and can be left as a dust bath for birds. Ideal for pet bedding, loose straw and other livestock bedding.  Suitable for caged birds.

Livestock Use Externally

DE CLEAN & DRY can be used as a dust bath to self clean or sprinkled onto animal coats, left for  24hrs and can be brushed off. It is Codex Food Grade so is safe for animals to lick themselves clean. Suitable for equines, alpacas, goats, pigs, dogs, cats, caged birds and domestic furred pets.

Interior living, working and transportation spaces

This includes most buildings (residential, public and commercial especially where food is present) and vehicles of transport again where food is present. 100g per 3 square metres is usually an adequate application.

Greenhouse and Garden

DE CLEAN & DRY can be used mixed in soil and compost when planting containers and hanging baskets to aid holding and release of water and nutrients. The product also helps to restrict the travel of slugs and snails when sprinkled in a thick layer around vegetables and plants in the garden which can benefit from the natural available silica and physical properties of the diatomaceous earth (proven in market garden trials).

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