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Bug a Tub

A unique natural nutritional solution helping to reduce the problems of lice, ticks and most other external and internal parasites predominantly in sheep, but also in cattle, deer, llamas, alpacas and horses.

The free access animal health lick contains a unique ingredient which has been researched and commercially trialled throughout the UK and is shown to have a positive effect on reducing the burden of external and internal parasites.

It contains a formulation (Paraguard™) of natural herbs, salts and oils bound by a pure, natural earth derivative, Diature™ DE, which when consumed by stock regularly, has the effect of making their blood unpalatable to blood sucking parasites such as ticks and lice. This acts as a deterrent to these parasites, which retract and drop off in search of a new host.

The tub contains a full range of minerals, trace elements and a full vitamin spectrum as a balance to deficient grazing. With the addition of Yeast-Ex and DE to further improve feed conversion, it becomes a complete package to supplement the feeding of all classes of stock, whilst reducing parasite burdens and associated losses.

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