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Diature™ DE – Livestock Feed Additive

Premium amorphous food grade diatomaceous earth from plant derived diatomite rock, with unique properties DE-signed by nature to help reduce parasites without chemicals!

‘Organic’ approved feed additive for sheep, lambs, cattle, poultry, racing pigeons, alpacas, llamas, pigs, horses, caged birds, dogs, cats and some other domestic pets. Helps to maintain good hoof, skin and coat condition, sheep/alpaca fleece quality, weight gain and reduced worm burdens in ruminants (ADAS trialled). Improves dairy cow milk yield, poultry feathers , egg output and shell quality.

  • Supplied as a raw powder to add to farm feeds
  • Incorporated into a mineral bucket ‘DE-LIC’ for field use.

Diature™ DE is an approved feed additive (E551C) classified as an anti-caking agent, binder, coagulant and processing aid in feeds, but has many benefits for animal and plant health proven by trials.

The company has been awarded FEMAS conformity and organic certification for inclusion of Diature™DE in animal feed (OF&G and QWFC) and the above plus soil association certification for DE-LIC’s.


  • Helps reduce many internal and external parasites and bacterial infections
  • Improves feed conversion with good young stock growth
  • Healthier clean appearance of stock, reduces scouring
  • Reduction in manure odour
  • Provides many trace minerals and some available silica

The company commissioned an ADAS trial feeding Diature™DE to cattle at first turnout and lactating ewes, whose lambs had statistically significant increased weekly weight gain. The ewes also had good condition scoring, significant weight increase, and both ewes and cattle had reduced faecal egg counts( a measure of worm burden) throughout the 8 week period.

ADAS Study – Lambs weights kg from ewes fed rolled barley & DiatureTM DE

For the last 4 years, Diature™DE has since been purchased repeatedly on many conventional and organic farms feeding flocks of sheep at lambing mixed with the feed pellets, monitoring worm burdens and condition. All worm counts were low enough for stock not to require a chemical wormer, saving on wormer costs and handling. Lambs and ewes were very clean, no scouring was noted. Lambs were ready for market sooner.

DE supplemented housed store cattle over last 3 winters 2010/11/12 have shown good growth, and excellent hooves and coats. Any cases of mange clear up quickly when cattle are given a mineral bucket DE-LIC enriched with silica rich Diature™DE as did cases of Orf, and worm burdens remained low in cattle and sheep. The farms have repurchased the feed additive and DE-LICS.

The food grade Diature™DE powder mixes well with compound feed pellets, blends home mixed feeds and chopped forage, and animals are always keen to eat the feed, both out at grass and in housing. Manufacturers will mix the product into blends for bulk use.

100 dairy cows fed silage top dressed with Diature DE had increased milk yields of up to 1.2 Litres per day, along with reduced cell counts and lowered bactoscan readings.

Equine owners have noted reduced worm counts and good hoof/coat condition

Poultry and caged bird breeders regularly re-order the product as a feed additive and to externally control red mite, northern mite and improve feather quality.

Chevron Hackles, who rear special poultry breeds for their feathers for fly fishing and the fashion markets are very impressed with the standard of their poultry fed the Diature™additive from chick to adult.

Omlet Ltd, poultry housing manufacturers, poultry health product advisors and distributors have ordered the product monthly for more than 5 years.

Wiggly Wigglers, an award winning natural gardening supplies company, list the product as one of their ‘Best Sellers’ for reducing fly problems associated with their composting system, and for poultry and garden uses.

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