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Diature™ Weaned Lambs Feed Results

Condition scores of 2 groups of 40 lambs at the start of the trial were similar. Scoring system 1-5, with 5 as best score but not too fat for market and not yet at a marketable weight.

Condition scores of DE supplemented increased each week. Scores at 8 weeks showed DE group had 95% top scores(4&5), compared to 58% for the control group.

Scouring record for Control and Diature (DE) fed groups of weaned lambs

Diature ™supplemented lambs had very little scouring (10%) which dried up quickly, compared to 38% of control group. Foot health was also maintained in the DE group, with only one lame in one foot.8 of the control group had several lame feet. Faecal egg counts were lower and any rises were delayed in the DE group. Weight gain was improved for each cross breed and each sex of lambs, but less gain than when the lambs were still suckling Diature™ supplemented ewes.

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